Pieces Of String: 
A brief history of the artist Robert Winokur
Depending on who you ask, creativity is either magic in a bottle or the product of discipline and hard work. At the moment of a major exhibition by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, internationally recognized artist Robert Winokur considers the source of inspiration in his 60 year career working with clay.

A master of salt-glazed ceramics, Winokur transcends notions of vessel and craft creating a unique body of work informed by his sense of humor and a life-long internal dialog. If you are interested in the creative journey, you'll find his reflection on his career refreshingly honest. If you want to know what it's really like to direct a documentary about your own father, I'll meet you for a drink.

Director/DP: Michael Winokur
Editor: Doug Ross
Original Score: Ronald Bacardi
Sound Mix: Joel Raab, Mission Film Design
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