One of for 30 second spots I wrote, co-directed and DPd for "Between2Screens" campaign with
Remember if you wouldn't do or say it in real life you probably shouldn't online. "If it's not okay here..." #mobile #privacy #online #safety #PSA
Directors: Iana Simeonov & Michael Winokur
Producer: Iana Simeonov
Writers: Michael Winokur, Brian Marzan
DoP: Michael Winokur
1st AC: Misael Audelo
Wardrobe stylist: Georgie Perrins
Hair/Makeup: Rocky Calderon
Sound: Cameron Selan
PA: Stephen Mortensen
PA: Neila Nachi Bouattour
Studio teacher: Frances Heeber
Post color: Spypost
Sound mix: Lichen Lion
Graphics: Pound & Grain
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